Bushwalks and Camping Sites

Wirraworra Sanctuary LogoThe Wirraworra Private Sanctuary on Sandpit Rd., Reeves Plains was declared on two sections of our farm in 2002. It aims to preserve the remnant native vegetation which still exists undisturbed by agricultural and mining activities on the Reeves Plains Sand Dune system.

The 25 hectare area contains many species of vegetation and accompanying birds and reptiles which are considered rare and threatened and which do not exist anywhere else on the Adelaide Plains. Visitors who have gained permission of the owners to enter the area, are welcome to enjoy guided bushwalks, especially in Spring when wildflowers are prolific, and to make camp for overnight stays. Individuals, clubs and groups are welcome to contact us to arrange suitable dates for day visits or overnight stays.

Please bring your own everything including tents, camping equipment, food, drinking water, etc. and wear suitable attire for bushwalking and open air activities e.g. walking shoes, hats, coats and sunscreen. Fire wood and a long drop toilet are provided and a limited amount of tank water and solar power are attached to “The Sandpit Pub” which is the only shelter in the area. Access may be available for 4WD vehicles and camper trailers, but is NOT possible for large caravans.

This is a very precious area to us, and to all our friends and associates who work here to preserve it for the future. We are indebted to many for their funding, committment and effort thus far to maintain, preserve, protect and revegetate the area. We trust that all visitors will treat it with great respect. For advice and permission please contact Neil Gregor, Gregor Farm,  ph 08 8522 274022 or 0427 274022

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